What’s CoinLive?

CoinLive is a crypto market intelligence portal, providing insightful coverage and analysis of key developments in the global crypto markets. Our full-time team of analysts keeps you informed on the latest developments in the crypto space. CoinLive also offers in-depth value-oriented premium research analysis on the most promising crypto projects in the space.

Who is behind CoinLive?

Behind CoinLive is a multi-decade experienced team of analysts in capital markets, who made a full-time transition into cryptos in various stages during the last 2-3 years. The team at CoinLive is committed to bringing a service of the highest quality to serve the needs of sophisticated intraday traders, institutional investors, exchanges, brokerages, to name a few profile types.

CoinLive mission statement

CoinLive's mission is to provide the highest quality standards in crypto market intelligence so that our subscribers can have access to the fastest and most accurate information in crypto assets.

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CoinLive aims to be the global Go-To authority for real-time crypto news 24/7, removing the informational noise to produce relevant, objective, unbiased, timely, and actionable market intelligence.

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