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Premium Research: Mass Adoption of this Token is Coming

Author: CoinLive News Team May 16, 2018 at 12:58

Dear readers, 

As part of our welcome bonus ONLY to our first month's premium research subscribers, a new trade idea is now available. This offer is limited and trade ideas will be part of a new package.

Remember, our current premium research subscribers receive, absolutely FREE of charge, up to 6 trade ideas per month, on top of our in-depth research analysis. 

This new idea publication is a project that just came out of the top 100 by market cap even as it nears a critical phase that will see the company extremely well positioned to see global adoption. 

It's all happening in the coming months according to our estimates. Click HERE & REGISTER if you haven’t already or click HERE if you are already registered.

Remember, the first premium research report remains indefinitely FREE to access. Also, in order to reward early registrants, during the month of May, you can get a unique discount on CoinLive’s Premium Research. An illustration of the current performance of the portfolio can be found below:


CoinLive Research Team.