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Premium Research: Our Next Pick Has A Galactic Team w/ Enormous Potential

Author: CoinLive News Team Jun 25, 2018 at 08:51

Dear readers, 

It is time for another premium research issue. This week, we want to bring to our premium members' attention a project that is set to disrupt how we transact assets.

The project is exceptionally attractive as it tackles the most pressing issues at once:

  • Scalability.
  • Interoperability.
  • It has a readymade market already tested by the company.

We believe this token's value is set to appreciate at least 10x in the next 1-2 years based on Metcalfe’s Law. The project is laying its roots first in SE Asia with enough potential to have a shot at gaining an extremely sizeable base globally. 

As usual, we have published an in-depth research report to break down area by area our thinking process on what makes this token so appealing. 

We also find it's time to share a few lines of encouragement amid the ongoing bearish conditions in 2018. One of the first premises when investing in cryptos is the willingness to be exposed to increased volatility in exchange for the sizeable and asymmetric returns it is set to yield. The market we are currently experiencing is just part of any market cycle. We do look at the big picture when endorsing certain projects, and that's the reason why no one following our picks should despair.

We recently wrote a couple of analysis that sheds a light on what's coming.

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CoinLive Research Team.