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What is CoinLive PRO? Professional Crypto Market Intelligence Platform

by | Feb 21, 2019

Humble beginnings

When I started being involved in the crypto space, more than 3 years ago, I missed the tools that were available for the traditional assets (stocks, currencies, bonds) traders and investors. The crypto market was lacking lots of these tools that were just normal for the other markets. That’s how it all started. was launched in early 2018 as a mainly news focused crypto platform. The goal was to cut through the noise and provide our users a better, cleaner, straight to the point way of staying up to date with what was going on in the crypto market. Since then things have changed quite a lot, for the better.

We have now built a professional crypto market intelligence platform where we collect and analyze data from hundreds of sources which is available through our web application, CoinLive PRO.

How we provide value

If you checked the application (or if you haven’t, we encourage to do it HERE, it’s FREE) you noticed that the UI has 4 main sections:

Gainers / Losers widget

Live News Feed

Asset Info

High / Low Scanner

Gains / Losers

This widget makes tracking the biggest movers of the day very convenient. The top 20 gainers and losers are displayed and updated in real-time so you won’t miss any big moves.

Live News Feed

News moves markets and being able to react fast to news provides traders with great opportunities. We have selected the top crypto news sources available that provide high quality reporting of crypto related events. We aggregate them as they happen so there’s virtually no delay. There are also options available to filter the news sources and more will come in our next release.

Asset Info

We built this section to be able to quickly evaluate a crypto asset by looking at a set of key metrics.

You can find key stats such as live-pricing, percentage change, market cap, supply and a set of metrics calculated for the last 7 days: price change, blockchain transactions volume and social activity volume.

Additionally there are charts for price, blockchain transactions and social activity.

High / Low Scanner

The last available widget (for now) is a market scanner that displays assets that are making new daily highs and new daily lows in real-time. This is a great tool for intra-day traders that want to keep an eye on what’s moving.

What’s next

CoinLive PRO is now in a Beta phase and under active development. We are working on new valuable sections as well as improvements and additions to the existing ones.

If you have any suggestions for us please reach out at contact at coinlive dot io or you can check our contact page.

Don’t forget to click HERE and give CoinLive PRO a try.