What type of news can be found in the news terminal?

Daily Events: Organization of the main events - listings, platform upgrades, whitepaper releases, airdrops, deployment of beta / mainent versions, marketing announcements, meetups or conferences, rebranding, bounty programs, AMA sessions, etc.

Daily Recaps: Publication of an in-depth market wrap-up with the key headlines, including a comprehensible summary of the current market conditions, making it extremely convenient to follow up on the latest developments in cryptos; a list of the top gainers/losers in the past 24h is included. Industry News by Continent.

Hot Stories: Our community, via votes, gets to choose the most relevant news for the day. This category includes the information generating the most hype or with the most value for the reader not to miss. Selecting a limited list each day will keep this category as insightful as possible.

ICOs: The world of ICOs, while under the umbrella of the blockchain technology, it is one on its own. CoinLive reports in the most popular ICO news as these projects set the stage for a transition from crowdfunding into the delivery of its technology to solving pressing issues. Scams, unfortunately, are also reported.

Industry: In the wide spectrum of blockchain-based technology, we uncover news on exchanges, hackings, government/regulatory announcements, miners, opinions from relevant policy-makers, crypto storage, etc. To facilitate a more comprehensible structure, we classify news by continents.

Crypto Assets: Listing of the top 100 cryptos, ordered by market cap. The list auto-updates every minute. The small-scale charts represent the latest 7 days of trading activity, a feature that is practical an visually attractive for users following the crypto market.

Do you plan to launch new services?

Absolutely yes. We have set a specific roadmap to launch an Android/iOS app, an API and many other valuable features coming up in months ahead as we roll out new valuable tools for traders.

Careers: Are you looking to expand your team?

We are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals with an interest on blockchain technology and a willingness to work in a meritocracy-based environment. If you happen to be an experienced crypto writer, capital markets’ reporter with an enthusiast on cryptos, do not hesitate to reach out via our contact page. Just like the lightning network, we will be organically growing based on the demand for the service.

Do you cover crypto markets over the weekend?

Yes. Our team of analysts is incentivised to work at certain time periods during the weekend to pick the new developing stories making headlines. If you had any doubts on our commitment to become a reference as an market intelligence portal, this should dissipate them.

How does CoinLive save time and improve editorial efficiency?

Our team is meticulously trained to achieve excellence via our proprietary workflow strategy. Our processes guarantee a steady flow of news/hour, which we then validate, add value, credit and synthesise.

How many crypto assets do you cover on your news feed?

Our main focus lies in the top 100 cryptos and will gradually increase beyond that. Automatically, once a coin makes it as part of the 100 by market cap, it will be display on our news feed.

How do you get the price and volume data in the Markets section?

At the moment we are collecting data from CryptoCompare.com and Coinmarketcap.com but we are looking for new potential sources as well.

How often is your news feed updated?

Our team of analysts work around the clock to guarantee a constant stream of news. On an average day, 200-250 news should be expected, about 1k-1.5/week, over 5k/month.

Who owns the website/company?

Our 2 Co-Founders, whose combined expertise in software engineering and financial journalism spans over 20y, came together in 2017 to leverage their skills into a vision. That vision is CoinLive. Read our story here

What if our website is not working properly?

We are constantly monitoring the correct functioning of the website. If we detect any issues that deserve our attention, these will be dealt with in a prompt manner, giving our utmost priority to try minimizing any temporary poor experience.

How can I request a feature or make a suggestion?

We encourage you to use our contact page.

Can I become a partner?

We carefully select our partners to ensure the content we deliver to our users is compelling and complements our overall service. If you would like to become a partner, feel free to contact us.