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Press Release: This Blockchain Platform is Turning Advertising Profitable for Internet Users

Author: CoinLive News Team Jun 18, 2018 at 04:50

Improved internet user experience is revealed to be a tangible and achievable possibility by the growing implementation of blockchain technology in the advertising industry. This provides innovators the opportunity to introduce certain fundamental elements in other to achieve the desired purpose of trustless collaboration and auditable processes.


Existing challenges in advertising

Prior to this time, the advertising industry has been popular for its lopsided existence in terms of execution and revenue generation. With large establishments like Google and Facebook known to have grown so much, followed by a subsequent increase in ad costs, other industry participants are left with an unlevel playing ground. These is considered as one of the reasons for the extreme practices that are observed in the industry.

Still on exaggerated costs and complicated procedures, the existence of middlemen and intermediaries is directly implicative of avoidable costs in advertisements. Also the non-transparent nature of the existing systems leaves advertisers concerned whether value returned is commensurate with their budgets.

Besides these identified industrial setbacks, the effects of extended competition and the intention to reach as much audience as possible has led to internet users being bombarded with advertisements that they do not bargain for or appreciate. Irritating pop-ups and distracting banners have also been identified by a lot of internet users as causes for unwanted user experiences. 


Multiple solutions by a single technology

In other to resolve these existing problems, building a trustless system where there will be no need for middlemen, and publishers and other internet users will get rewarded for their efforts is the goal of Kind Ads.

By introducing blockchain technology to the online advertising, Kind Ads created an ecosystem that reduces the cost of advertising by a significant margin. A Blockchain and decentralized platform will band Publishers and Advertisers directly, and a transparent domain scoring will allow Advertisers to pick the right Publishers. On top of that, regular data owners and internet users will be rewarded by consenting to share their data and get relevant ads.

Kind Ads will achieve this by implementing a tokenized system that will power all transactions happening across its platform. Unlike other existing ads tokens that propose total exodus from existing browsers like google chrome and safari, Kind Ads understands the extent of disruption necessary to transfer users away from their familiar browsers and the difficulty therein. Therefore, the token is designed for compatibility and easy access even upon existing browsers. Hence, adoption is almost seamless.

The market size of the advertising industry is huge and spending is forecasted to reach almost $270 Billion in 2018, and exceed $335 billion by 2020. Therefore to ensure that participants and stakeholders enjoy the perfect experience and get value for their money is a reflection of positive disruption for the industry.


Beyond monetary value

Considering the growth in global internet usage, especially as mobile technology continues to make inroads into new territories, a more convenient user experience cannot be overemphasized. Any attempt to make internet usage a more friendly experience will definitely go a long way, even beyond monetary values. 

Convenience, absence of distractions and polite interactions are necessary for a stable psychological society. Finding such solutions through a system that is fast becoming intertwined with the total existence of humankind on a global level may be solving a problem whole value will surely be ascertained down the road..