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Lightning fast access to the news that matter covering 600+ crypto assets.

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Real-Time News Feed

Lightning fast access to the latest news, curated by machines and filtered by humans.

Breaking News Alerts

Configurable email, mobile and browser notifications. Choose to monitor the entire market or only your portfolio.

New Listings on Exchanges

Profit when a coin gets listed on a new exchange. We notify you before the news spreads to mainstream media.

Market Scanner

Spot the best trading opportunities before the rest of the crowd.

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Full coverage of the most important crypto news outlets

Our systems are constantly monitoring hundreds of sources to spot new events so you don't miss anything.


Stop missing great trading opportunities because you are late to find out about them. Our system will notify you in a matter of seconds.

CoinLive Pro Exchange Listings

Designed with the professionals in mind.

Complete platform even for the most demanding users.

Premium Research

In depth value oriented analysis of the most promising crypto assets.

Streaming News API

Commercial API integrations available for crypto exchanges, trading software, proprietary trading firms, algorithmic traders and other use cases.

Crypto Watchlist

Define the crypto assets you want to monitor closely by filtering news and alerts.

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Frequently asked questions

If your question isn't listed here, contact us and we will reply in 24 hours.

How many assets are you covering?

Our main focus lies in the top 600+ cryptos by market cap and will gradually increase beyond that upon requests.

What type of notifications are you providing?

We offer real-time push notifications when new coins get listed, partnerships announced, new product developments or any other event that we consider to potentially have an impact on the market.

What type of news can be found in the CoinLive PRO platform?

Daily Events: Organization of the main events - listings, platform upgrades, whitepaper releases, airdrops, deployment of beta / mainent versions, marketing announcements, meetups or conferences, rebranding, bounty programs, AMA sessions

Daily Recaps: Publication of an in-depth market wrap-up with the key headlines, including a comprehensive summary of the current market conditions, making it extremely convenient to follow up on the latest developments in cryptos; a list of the top gainers/losers in the past 24h is included. Industry News by Continent.

Hot Stories: This category includes the information generating the most hype or with the most value for the reader not to miss. Selecting a limited list each day will keep this category as insightful as possible.

ICOs: The world of ICOs, while under the umbrella of the blockchain technology, it is one on its own. CoinLive reports on the most popular ICO news as these projects set the stage for a transition from crowdfunding into the delivery of its technology to solving pressing issues. Scams, unfortunately, are also reported.

Industry: In the wide spectrum of blockchain-based technology, we uncover news on exchanges, hackings, government/regulatory announcements, miners, opinions from relevant policy-makers, crypto storage, etc. To facilitate a more comprehensible structure, we classify news by continents.

Additionally, we also cover crypto-specific fundamental news, regulations, airdrops, hacking/scams, mining, exchanges, listings.

How does CoinLive PRO save time?

Simply put, instead of having to check dozens of sources around the internet to keep yourself updated and worry about missing any important events, let us do it for you and you focus on making the best investment decisions. Crypto market moves fast and so should you.