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11 NEO-based Tokens You Probably Have Not Heard Of, Yet

Author: CoinLive News Team Jun 4, 2018 at 07:06

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Hello! As you may have heard, NEO Blockchain has been considered the ‘Chinese Ethereum’ for about a year now since the project re-branded from Antshares. This is because NEO will perform similar functions as Ethereumdoes as a platform for decentralized applications with smart contract capabilities, among other tech integrations.

Many have been ‘bullish’ on NEO because the team has been quietly building the network the past year as Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard brought on a frenzy of initial coin offerings which alerted entrepreneurs, investors and governments across the globe about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Network growth has continued steadily since their first October 2017 ICO on the NEO blockchain which was Red Pulse, a Chinese-based Bloomberg-like investment content platform that aims to provide insights into emerging digital assets and traditional financial markets.

NEO’s NEP-5 token standard is synonymous to Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard in terms of what they mean to the individual networks. Since the inception of ERC-20, there have been over 85,000 tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain network, just under that particular standard. This is a major focus in NEO’s growth strategy, but instead of taking Ethereum’s radically decentralized approach, NEO grows stronger with regulatory compliance standards — meaning, NEO is poised for institutional capital to flow into the network as they continue building powerful partnerships like the most recent Ontology Network partnership announcement, which will enable enterprise integration into NEO.

Without further adieu, let’s dive in!

NEO Smart Economy — Bridge Into The Real World

Disclaimer: This is just a friendly reminder that this is not financial advice and to please do your own research when deciding where to put your hard-earned money. I did not participate in really any of these project’s crowdsale and do not hold any of them, yet.

Image Source: Ted O'Neill, ‘NEP-5: NEO’s Answer to Ethereum ERC-20 Tokens’ Original Image Source: Morpheus Wallet:

Narrative Network — The Content Economy
  • Narrative Network — taking back ‘The Content Economy’ by re-creating the system so that it is user-governed, splitting 85% of all revenue with community members (users).

This one is perhaps the most well-branded cryptocurrency project website I have seen to date, really. The team looks like they put a lot of time into the branding, something you might expect from a project focused on user content. Narrative Network’s platform will act as a social media platformand content distribution network for content creators — they aim for the platform to be home for long-form written content. They closed their Initial Coin Offering already and are building the project.


  • Senno — sentiment analysis dapp with open B2B API for 3rd party integration.

Raised $2 million in pre-sale and main ICO launches June 10th with white list registration. Site says Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will be launched prior to the end of the crowdsale.

Aphelion Exchange
  • Aphelion Exchange — a peer-to-peer multi-chain decentralized exchange building a protocol that tied exchanges together in what they call a ‘Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger (DEAL).’ Wallet-based trading is a major focus.

The Aphelion Exchange is a DEX which recently closed it’s token sale. The team has already launched their first product, a NEO desktop wallet which really raised the bar for what we, as community members, can expect from the creators on the network. Here’s a link to their desktop wallet page if you’d like to scope it out.

  • Asura Coin — aims to be first self-sustainable eSports gaming platform with betting, live streaming, matchmaking, tournaments, coaching, a community centre and more.

Their crowdsale is live June 2nd with white-list registration. Their Alpha, Asura World, is out and can be explored here.

Effect AI

Related image
  • — is a decentralized network for artificial intelligence which aims to define a new meaning behind the AI-to-human relationship.

Effect.AI project looks like it is thought through well just by the depth of detail in their 3-phase roadmap. The token sale closed on March 28th. They call the combination of these 3-phases ‘The Effect Network.’

  • Phase 1 Effect Force — on-demand workforce platform allowing anybody in the world to either request or complete tasks which teachand further mature the AI algorithms.
  • Phase 2Effect Smart Market — decentralized exchange (DEX) marketplace to offer or purchase artificial intelligence/machine learning services and algorithms.
  • Phase 3 Effect Power — a distribution method of the large amounts of computational power required to run deep learning and other artificial intelligence algorithms.

Here is a link to their explainer video if you’re interested in a more effective explanation of the project.


Alchemint — as they put it, Alchemint is “A Decentralized Price-Stable Cryptocurrency Management System.”

I know what you might be thinking, price-stable cryptocurrency? Yes. This is something many projects are aiming to solve — details can be examined in their 67-page White Paper here. The project aims to make using cryptocurrency and other digital assets easy for the average consumer to adopt while offering financial services alongside.

  • Guardium — Global Decentralized Emergency Response Network.

They aim to make emergency response more fluid and effective by creating a platform that better connects us and acts as a go-to during times of emergency. Their application, Guardian Circle, is already operating and established in 30 countries.

nOS — NEO Operating System
  • nOS — ‘virtual operating system for a new, transparent internet. Powered by the NEO Smart Economy.’

The nOS Minimum Viable Product is already available on the nOS Gihubfor developers to begin developing decentralized applications ‘on their own NEO privatenet. They mention having a token generation event (TGE) in Q3 2018.

Phantasma Protocol
  • Phantasma Protocol — they call it ‘next generation content distribution.’ Phantasma will enable content ownership and distribution in a way that is interoperable with existing system and securely owned by the users.

I don’t know much about this project, but the image above does a great job of succinctly explaining what this project aims to bring to life. It sounds like they are creating a mechanism that allows content creators to ‘tokenize’ their content and securely manage it through their NEO wallet in an encrypted manner.

Thor Token

Thor Token — building a platform that will make it easier and more reliable for businesses and independent contractors to engageUnlike any workforce platform I have seen, Thor integrates instant payments, health benefits and a retirement savings account option comparable to the traditional 401k.

As a content creator/writer and consultant, I am usually an independent contractors and, for this reason, I have paid close attention to blockchain-based freelance or hiring projects. Examples include Blocklancer and, which we’ll take a quick look at next.

Moonlight — looks to actually compliment Thor token. While Thor will focus on the independent contractor/freelancer, Moonlight will focus more on building a robust infrastructure that makes it easier for businesses to manage projects, raise capital for projects, and blockchain-based resume tracking.

As I’ve said in the past, NEO Smart Economy projects tend to work closely with each other in a complimentary manner as opposed to heavy competition with each other like on the Ethereum blockchain. This, in my opinion, creates a more unified network ecosystem because, think about it, a NEO project already competes with out-of-network projects that are similar on other blockchains like Ethereum, QtumWanchainWaves PlatformStellar or other networks that pop-up along the way. As I mentioned earlier, Blocklancer is a freelancer platform based on the Ethereum network — Moonlight’s competition.

Master Contract Token — Bonus #12!

NEO Blockchain: We Got Fly-by Airdropped, Enter Master Contract Token

Master Contract Token — enables projects to deploy smart contracts without having to use as much GAS. Currently, I believe it costs up to 500 GAS to deploy a smart contract on NEO’s mainnet.

This project can majorly lower the barrier-to-entry for projects that want to build decentralized applications (Dapps) on the NEO blockchain. At the current cost of $25/GAS, it would have cost over $10,000 to deploy the smart contract. Here’s a link to longer article I wrote on the topic of theMaster Contract Token (MCT) Air Drop, explaining the parameters.

12 Projects and So Many More To Come

There you have it! Eleven NEP-5 token projects plus a bonus with links to their official websites so you can dive into what they are all about. We have entered what I call ‘saturation phase’ for the ICO market and it has become very hard to even discover new projects — I will continue writing about new projects to help them gain exposure in this wildly expanding market!

Until next time!

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