1. Migrating To Discord April 2nd, 2018

    We've decided to move into DISCORD as that appears to be an overwhelming preference by users + potential partners active there. We will allow the following week to complete the migration from Slack into DISCORD. Find the invite to our room: https://discord.gg/mpdNYUK

  2. Analysis, Tutorials, Interviews March 25, 2018

    As you may have noticed, we have added new sections to our website (Analysis, Tutorials, Interviews). More coming soon! Find below an overview:

    Analysis: We dive into the technicals behind cryptos, investigate-oriented research of the hottest topics at play, in-depth & insightful analysis of pressing stories, and more stories of real value. Most of the content is produced by our in-house team of reporters/analysts. We may include some videos to complement our analysis and deliver the most value.

    Tutorials: In-depth educational guides to increase the base-knowledge on topics of the crypto ecosystem (for example: how to store cryptos in a cold wallet, how to open a coinbase account, what's a BTC market cycle?, etc.)

    Video Interviews: We go the extra mile by contacting senior-level personnel in some of the legit crypto projects to gain further insights. So far, we've managed to conduct exclusive interviews with QUOINE, Decred and Pascal Coin.

  3. Updated News Flow March 18, 2018

    We have improved our internal workflows significantly. You will notice a massive change in the volume of news being aggregated (cutting to the chase to only provide the content that matters), while improving the sense of real-time 'actionable' coverage. Judge by yourself. News Terminal

  4. Mobile and tablet experience improved February 27, 2018

    We have released a revamped experience on mobile and tablet devices for our News Terminal. We encourage you to check it out and share your feedback with us at [email protected]

    CoinLive for Desktop and Mobile
  5. We are Live! February 21, 2018

    CoinLive.io opened its doors for all the crypto enthusiasts out there. We are extremely excited for this journey we embarked ourselves on.

    We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do and stay tuned for lots of updates in the nearest future.