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CoinLive Interviews Richa Vajpeyi, Head of Marketing at AION

Author: Ivan Delgado Apr 30, 2018 at 06:22

As part of CoinLive's series of interviews with top crypto projects, one of our Expert Crypto Analysts, Raj Mitra, had the opportunity to interview the Head of Marketing at AION Network, Richa Vajpeyi.

A great conversation to gain further insights into the Marketing actions being taken by AION to keep growing such an amazing and thriving community.

As a reminder to our readers, last week, the AION team launched the "The Kilimanjaro Network", which was great news for the whole crypto community and came significantly ahead of schedule. On the lead up to the event, the price of AION saw a significant appreciation, trading over $4. 

At CoinLive, we kept our audience updated with the main highlights from the AION official launch. 

AION: Mainnet "The Kilimanjaro Network" Official Launch - Live Coverage

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